Biz Harvest. Is it a name or is it what we do?

The simple answer is both. The name Biz Harvest is perfect for what we strive to accomplish. Helping our clients harvest more business from the world around them. Biz Harvest itself encapsulates several key concepts that make up the foundation of how we work with our clients.

  1. Every business is at various stages of growth. Even though all businesses have similarities, it is obvious to us that not all businesses have the same needs or resources. We work hard to determine your needs and goals before we begin to develop the strategy for growing your business. Would it make any sense to plant a tree in the Sahara when you're not sure how you will get water to it?
  2. Businesses change as often as the seasons. What is good for your business today may not be good for it tomorrow. By human nature, people tend to develop patterns of comfort, and these patterns translate into daily business practices. However the world is changing at an exponential rate and the businesses that thrive are those that not only keep up with the changes, but mold them. Using your existing workflow, we can help you to integrate new technologies and business practices that will help your business succeed even as the seasons change.
  3. You reep what you sow. It's a philosophy as old as time, and still holds true today. We believe that if you want to become what you have envisioned, then you need to build on solid principles, technologies, and partnerships. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products and building strong relationships, putting your business on a firm foundation for the future.

Grow, Thrive, Become, Respond. The stages of growth.

These stages are all around us. The fruit tree that is planted and cared for, grows to produce fruit and provide food for the community. The business that starts with an idea and grows, transforms the world we live in.

Every business is in a different stage, has varying needs, and resources. When we look at businesses we find that most fall into one of four stages. We will help you manage the stage you are in, and prepare for the stages ahead.

  • Grow Just as a seed is planted and begins to sprout, so does every business. This is the foundational stage that meets the basic needs of your business; identity, communication, and infrastructure. We will help to build a solid foundation for your future success.
  • Thrive This stage is not far behind and tends to sneak up quickly. This is the stage of rapid growth and change. There is a lot to do in this stage and we can help you manage the transition.
  • Become Just as the orange tree eventually becomes a strong, full tree that continually provides fruit, your business also enters a stage where it becomes solid, self sustaining, confident in its identity, and expands its reach within the world.
  • Respond Now that your business is established it is important to respond and maintain communication with your customers and community. Through social networking, e-newsletters, and other communication tools, we will help you exceed your customers expectations.
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